New Orleans Saints
Alvin Kamara Said Saints Would Have ‘beat the (expletive)' Out Of Eagles
Saturday, August 11, 2018 3:14 PM America

The New Orleans Saints saw their 2017 season end in disappointing fashion last saw them lose on the final play of regulation against the Minnesota Vikings in the divisional round.

It had abruptly put a stop to their promising campaign that saw them become a juggernaut on both sides of the field that appeared to be poised to be a Super Bowl contender. Running back Alvin Kamara told Bleacher Report that he believes the New Orleans Saints would have "beat the (expletive) out of (the Philadelphia Eagles)" in the NFC Championship Game had they advanced past the Minnesota Vikings in the divisional round.

“We’d beat the shit out of [the Eagles] cause we was rolling,” Kamara says. “If we won [versus Minnesota], I knew nobody was gonna stop us cause we came all the way back.”

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The Saints rallied from 17-0 down against the Vikings and went ahead 24-23 when Wil Lutz made a field goal with 25 seconds left. The Vikings won with a 61-yard touchdown pass to Stefan Diggs that ended the game, a play that Kamara said was "one-in-a-million type (expletive)." Kamara certainly sounds salty but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s wrong. The Saints did match up well with the Super Bowl champs. Like the Patriots, who gave that Philly defense all sorts of problems, New Orleans has a quarterback who gets the ball out of his hands quickly, which mitigates the Eagles’ biggest defensive strength: Their pass rush.Alvin Kamara Jersey .

The Saints also had a defense that was capable of matching up with Philadelphia in man coverage. The Patriots did not, and we saw the result with Nick Foles throwing for 373 yards and three touchdowns.

Unfortunately, we’ll never know which team would have prevailed. But Kamara and the Saints will have a shot to prove they are the better team on Nov. 18 when they take on the Eagles in Week 11. They’ll also get a shot at the Vikings three weeks earlier.


New Orleans Saints 5 player not on the practice field Wednesday

The New Orleans Saints prepare to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 14, but there are five players not on the practice field Wednesday.

During the portion of practice open to the media, The Saints running back Mark Ingram, left tackle Terron Armstead, rookie wide receiver Michael Thomas, center Max Unger and tight end Josh Hill were not observed on the field.

Ingram missed two days of practice in Week 13 due to the toe injury.

Armstead originally suffered the knee injury in Week 2 and has missed six games on the season.

Thomas's and Unger's absences from the practice field have unkonwn reason.

Hill suffered a broken fibula when played against Detroit in Week 13.

However, Linebacker Craig Robertson and rookie running back Daniel Lasco were observed on the practice field. Robertson left Week 13's game with an undisclosed injury early midway through the fourth quarter. Also, Lasco has missed the five previous weeks of action while battling a hamstring injury.

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